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    Bratworks is a new fast-casual franchise restaurant that sells a variety of natural, gourmet hot dogs served on fresh in-store-baked New England style buns. As part of the launch, I was asked to design a series of posters highlighting their favorite recipes, toppings selection and buns. In collaboration with the photographer, we developed a bold, retro feel to the photos that showcases the fresh ingredients and maximizes appetite appeal. Each poster introduces customers to the product with a bold headline and fun, cheeky copy.

    Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Copywriter

    Photography by: Trevor Pearson

    Coffee shop office this afternoon. #coffeeshopvibes #vscocam #vsco

    I recently had the opportunity to take a tour of one of Taylor Shellfish oyster farms during an oyster harvest. The weather was unbelievably beautiful (just look at those photos!) and tromping around in the mud, I was inspired by the care their workers take growing and harvesting some truly remarkable shellfish.

    So, I was excited when they invited me to design two t-shirts, one for their recently opened Oyster Bar in Pioneer Square, Seattle and the second to celebrate their 100 plus year heritage of farming shellfish in Washington State. We chose to use a handcrafted, vintage style using rough textures and hand-drawn fonts. See more about the shirts on my Behance portfolio site here and here

    🌈 #dtla #latergram #vscocam #vsco

    #latergram #typeinthewild #typehunter #typography #latype #latypography #dslettering #losangeles #socal #popyacolor #vscocam #vscogood

    Neighborhood walk #latergram #minimalism #vscocam #vsco

    It was so much fun to be on set again yesterday with my all time favorite crew! #hotdogs #vscocam #vsco (at Trevor Pearson Productions)

    #lacma #latergram (at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

    #art #vscocam #vsco #lacma (at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

    The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction Book Cover Design

    I was asked to design a book cover for a collection of writings about the work of Siegfried Engelmann, the education researcher and founder of the Direct Instruction method of teaching. We chose to use sophisticated typography, appropriate for the academic subject matter while incorporating geometric shapes and colors that are reminiscent of early childhood education.

    Design Styleboard

    To create the cover, I painted pieces of paper in primary colors and cut them into rectangles. I then collaged the paper and photographed it to create a design with texture and dimension.

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